Ashley & Mike’s Wedding At Armstrong Farma

Ashley & Mike’s Wedding At Armstrong Farms

Offering my clients stunning images and a unique photography experience is my motto, and when my efforts pay off in the form of happy clients, I’m on cloud nine! The positive word these lovely people spread about me and my business is a bonus. So, when Ashley and Mike told me that the reviews they had read about Kayla Bri Photography actually helped them choose me to document their wedding, I knew they were putting their trust in me - and that meant an added sense of responsibility to give it my best shot (quite literally!). That’s the magic of word of mouth and good reviews! Now, it was my turn to give my couple the wedding images of their dreams, and honestly, with an incredible wedding venue like the Armstrong Farms, gorgeous photos were guaranteed!

Armstrong Farms Wedding Photography

Ashley and Mike make such a sweet couple and are truly made for each other! My groom, Mike, had proposed to Ashley on Mount Washington! The favorite date-night activity for these two lovebirds is just spending time together! It doesn’t matter whether they go out or stay in because they always manage to have fun with each other no matter what they do. Ashley and Mike, I could totally see that on your wedding day! You guys were so relaxed, comfortable, and happy in each other’s company throughout the day, and, as a wedding photographer, this only meant that I could capture your lovely chemistry in the photos I took. And, I hope you two see the chemistry shine through in the images I created for you as well!

Coming to the wedding venue, the Armstrong Farms was the perfect setting for a country-style wedding amid the rolling meadows and rustic barns. The picturesque backdrops were ideal for creating memories and photos for my couple that would last a lifetime. This 200-year-old family farm has three restored barns - each having a unique little story attached to it. Thanks to the location, Ashley and Mike’s wedding had a charming countryside theme running through it - entirely in line with my couple’s wedding vision. And the floral arrangements added a pop of colors to the images. I also took some gorgeous golden hour photos of Ashley and Mike in a pasture, with cows mooing in the background!

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Ashley & Mike, you two are super amazing! I loved being your wedding photographer and enjoyed every bit of it. Your wedding venue, Armstrong Farms, was impressive and so refreshing! Creating your wedding portraits at such a sublime location was a pleasure. I want to thank both of you for giving me a chance to celebrate with you and document all your special moments into beautiful photos. Also, I really appreciate that you took out time to share your kind words about why you chose Kayla Bri Photography to capture your special moments.

Here it goes:

After our photographer had to unfortunately back out of our wedding due to pregnancy, we did a ton of research on photographers. In our research, we came across Kayla Bri Photography, and we fell in love with the photography that we saw. The photography seemed to catch the most intimate moments, and the quality was fantastic. We wanted someone who could capture our wedding story and all the amazing moments the day has to offer. From all the photos that we saw from Kayla Bri, we knew that she was who we wanted to help capture our exciting day with us. Plus, all the great reviews helped. :)

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