Brittany & Dan’s Gathering Place Wedding at Darlington

Brittany & Dan’s Gathering Place Wedding at Darlington Lake

They say that love overcomes every hurdle, and who better can vouch for it than my couple, Brittany and Dan. After all, they had to reschedule their wedding not just once but twice - thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. They decided to wait it out partly due to the restrictions and partly because they wanted to celebrate their special day with their loved ones in better and safer times. I’d say three is a charm for them, and they finally got the wedding of their dreams the third time around!

Adding to the magic of number 3, my bride, Brittany, even had not one, not two, but three first looks at the wedding. Witnessing and photographing these moments unfold was such an amazing feeling. And the lakeside wedding venue - The Gathering Place at Darlington Lake - was undoubtedly the icing on the cake. The location offered me picturesque backgrounds to frame my scenes, and with a couple like Brittany and Dan, I am so excited about how the wedding photos turned out.

Brittany & Dan’s Story

Getting to hear umpteen real-life love stories is one of the favorite parts of my job. These personal accounts help me better understand the bonds that my couples share and bring them out through the images as best as I can. Talking about how it all started for Brittany and Dan, my bride shared, “We met at a common friend’s wedding right after I finished graduate school. Dan was the best man, and I just attended the wedding. Dan watched me fall into a church pew in my heels while trying to sit and wave at the groom. At the reception, he came up and talked to me because we requested the same song from the DJ. The rest is history!”

The proposal was super sweet too. “For Dan’s birthday, I had booked a little B&B on Lake Keuka (one of the finger lakes in NY). Dan told me he was trying to fly his drone so he could get footage of the lake, asked me to hold his go-pro, then got down on one knee in front of the B&B”, Brittany recounted.

The Gathering Place Darlington Lake Wedding Photography

Brittany and Dan’s wedding day was an extra hot one, but the clouds gave us just enough coverage, and we had a brief downpour right as entrances into the reception began! Eventually, the sky cleared up after dinner for a gorgeous sunset. The timing couldn't have been better! This gave me a chance to create some stellar wedding images of my couple at The Gathering Place at Darlington Lake. From the start, the venue provided my couple and their guests with a lovely countryside setting. It had rustic vibes along with lots of greenery and wooden backdrops available for photography. The lakefront was mesmerizing and perfect for creating romantic couple portraits.

The wedding was dotted with several beautiful moments, three of them being the first looks my gorgeous bride had for her bridesmaids, her father, and her handsome groom. I witnessed some raw emotions and beautiful expressions, which I had the pleasure to document with my camera too. I also loved how Brittany and Dan had their family write cards to them as wedding gifts. During the ceremony, my couple had their family come up and put the cards in a box to be opened by them at a later date. That, I think, was a very sweet thought!

Get the Best Wedding Images With Kayla Bri Photography

When your couples trust you and your creative process a 1000%, it makes you feel much more confident and happy serving them. I’m so glad that Brittany and Dan had nothing but affirming things to say about working with Kayla Bri Photography throughout the day. And the feeling is mutual! Brittany and Dan, I too had an absolute blast at your wedding and loved photographing you two and your guests. I am grateful for all the love and warmth that was shown to me at your wedding. I love you two and wish you both many more lovely outdoor date nights together at your favorite restaurants and breweries. Lots of happiness ahead!

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