Danielle And Colby’s Wedding At The Priory

Danielle And Colby’s Wedding At The Priory

As a wedding photographer, sometimes a wedding that you once photographed can start a chain of referrals for future weddings. And photographing Danielle and Colby’s wedding was the fruit of one such referral. Danielle is the fourth bride that I have photographed in a group of friends that I met back in 2017. These girls have referred me to more brides than I can count! And I’m so very grateful for the trust they have put in my work! Pivoting back to Danielle and Colby’s wedding, not only was it a blissful day to photograph my couple but also a true honor for me to follow their story.

Danielle And Colby’s Story

Are you someone who scoffs at social media when it comes to building a true connection? Well, Danielle and Colby’s gem of a story of how they met online might change that perception for you! When asked to share their first meeting story, Danielle gushed, “Well actually, at first, he slid into my DMs. Then, we randomly ran into each other on the north shore the coming weekend at a steeler tailgate. And we both did a double-take because we had never actually met in person. We just knew each other via Instagram. And also because instead of saying hi to me, he introduced me to his mom (who he brought to the game) and I never really even had the chance to talk to him. So we went on a date a couple of months later after we texted for a bit! And that’s how things got started!”

Well, you got to get the timing right! And Colby sure got it right when he proposed to Danielle in Marco Island, Florida, during sunset. Proposing to your lady-love on a beach during sunset is just so romantic! When I asked the couple about their favorite date night activity, they both mentioned going to Marios in Shadyside - play darts and eat buffalo chicken dip and chicken fingers! Wow, that is what I call being in absolute sync with each other!

Danielle And Colby’s Wedding At The Priory

Danielle and Colby’s wedding was just as dreamy and beautiful as their proposal. They hosted their wedding at The Priory, and the venue had the perfect ambiance for a light and airy photography style. To add to that, it also had a beautiful garden dotted with blooming flowers in all hues and colors. In addition to the venue, there’s a lot that made the day even better. For starters, there was an area that had a film-like backdrop. And the couple, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and I as a photographer, all made the best of that perk. The result, some of the most gorgeous photographs of the day. With a skyline painted with skyscrapers and a bridge in striking yellow spread across the lake, I had some amazing elements to liven up my scenes and images right there.

Before Danielle would get to dress up, she had a little something planned for her gal pals - champagne to cheers to the day and matching outfits with everyone’s name written on it, just for fun. Talk about taking your girl gang seriously! The beautiful setting made it a sheer pleasure to photograph the getting ready pictures and the bridal portraits. And the images do tell that Danielle looked phenomenal! During the first look session, Colby gazed at his bride in absolute awe with the cutest of expressions. And to add a bit of magic to it all, I took the couple for a brief walk at the bridge as I had my camera ready to photograph them, and next what happened was just fireworks! From a perfect veil toss to a romantic kiss - I was happy to capture it all on my camera. This sure was the highlight of the day, but the couple’s adorable daughter, who was also their flower girl, as well as their sweet pup as the ring bearer just stole the show!

Documenting Moments With Kayla Bri Photography

Danielle and Colby, there was not a thing that I didn't love about your wedding. You guys are amazing. Documenting your special day brought me utmost joy and bliss. Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. And many congratulations and best wishes for your life ahead as a married couple.

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