Emily and Conor's Club Lake Plantation Wedding

Emily and Conor's Wedding at the Club Lake Plantation

A fun couple, a choreographed first look, a close-knit bridal party, and a picturesque wedding venue - I got to experience and photograph so many incredible things at Emily and Conor's Club Lake Plantation wedding. I absolutely adore shooting weddings in Florida, and this wedding gave me the chance to revisit one of my favorite cities. And after photographing this wedding, I know now that I am looking forward to meeting more couples from Florida and shooting some more amazing Florida weddings!

Club Lake Plantation Wedding Photography

Emily and Conor are a really fun and strong couple, and I definitely saw that in how they were posing for me and also their general way of being with each other. Even when I was taking their photographs, they were just sharing sweet moments together - before and after the ceremony. Their close-knit bridal party was no less than one big family coming together to celebrate this day with my bride and groom. Without a doubt, the bridal party photos were some of the most fun pictures from the day.

My bride and groom went all out for their wedding! They even had a choreographed first look which was very impressive! They read the sweetest notes to each other, and I loved capturing those unfiltered emotions. Emily's bridal dress was gorgeous, and of course, I took plenty of photos of it against different backdrops. Conor looked super handsome in his blue suit and his "I can't believe I am about to get married to the love of my life" glow! The groom just couldn't stop smiling!

The venue was so beautiful, and I can't wait to shoot more weddings there. There were so many outdoor spots to take romantic as well as group photos of my couple and their guests. There was this one tree with two swings attached to it. As soon as I saw that, I knew I had to take some couple portraits there. Emily and Conor had also planned lots of outdoor yard games and fun for the guests. The end of the day was marked by a stunning sparkler exit, which is always a fun moment that I enjoy photographing.

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Emily and Conor, congratulations on your happily ever after, and thank you so much for making me a part of your love story! I wish you both all the happiness and health for the future. Your wedding was wonderful, and I loved seeing you both surrounded with all that warmth and support from your loved ones. Lastly, thank you for choosing such an amazing venue and giving me the chance to shoot in one of my favorite places again!

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