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Jami & Caanan | San Diego Wedding

Each wedding showcases its own unique culture and traditions to mark the momentous occasion– it's a special kind of magic that never fails to move me. One such amazing wedding I recently had the pleasure of documenting was the wedding of Jami and Caanan. Both the bride and groom were so in love and it was such a joy witnessing their union. Jami and Caanan’s wedding felt like the dream you don't want to wake up from. Here’s a glimpse of the day!

Jami and Caanan’s Hawaii Wedding

I started the day photographing the gorgeous bride getting ready. Jami’s stunning wedding dress had quite a story - it was originally owned by her mom’s cousin and was at least 60 years old and has been worn by five people to-date, including her mom and sister-in-law. The top portion of her dress was modified once for her sister-in-law’s wedding and then again for her big day. Her mom skillfully transformed the dress for each of its new wearers, so not only did Jami look amazing but there was also this lovely shared history attached to it. I felt so honored to capture the beauty of it all.

Jami and Caanan had the perfect simple and beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. It was a gorgeous day in San Diego with just the right sunlight and perfect weather. What made it even more extraordinary were all the vibrant colors used for decorations – with an array of Hawaiian orchids, leis, and exotic flowers- that gave a true sense of paradise. The emotion radiating from every single person was heartwarming and so lovely. Jami and Caanan were so excited and were glowing the entire time. From the touching vows to the sweetest first kiss, it was a wonderful celebration of their love.

Jami and Caanan's love shone through their couples portraits as they were basking in the newlywed glow as they looked into each other's eyes. It took my breath away. The day delightfully ended with a joyous reception with friends and family coming together to celebrate the newlyweds. From their choice of decorations, music and dances – everything oozed aloha spirit. To add some flavor to their day, they had hired Hawaiin dancers to perform traditional dances, bringing a little bit of Caanan's birthplace right there with them. The couple had a lovely first dance and everyone was dancing and enjoying the entire time. It was all truly magical and all the love from their closest family and friends made the celebration even more special!

Reminiscing The Wedding Day

When I asked my couple if there was anything they would do differently looking back, they had the sweetest reply, “I would make it last longer. Everything was perfect, we were not ready to leave.” For Jami and Caanan the driving force in the wedding planning process was ‘timing’. They recalled the favorite part about their wedding planning was all of the help from so many people.

For the one moment or memory from their wedding that stood out, they said, “So many moments of sweetness. Taking communion and just stopping in the moment. It was a moment where we both got to stop and say hi to each other and then we prayed for our marriage and for every person that was celebrating with us.”

Asking Jami for any advice that she would like to share for future brides, she remarked, “Enjoy every single moment. Take time when you walk down the aisle. Look at your husband and embrace every person that came to celebrate with you. Listen. look, and smell. Take it all in.”

Weddings With Kayla Bri Photography

Jami and Caanan, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was my honor to document your big day and had a great time capturing all your special moments. Congratulations, and I wish you both a happy married life.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a wedding photographer, you can contact me right away. Besides weddings, I also do engagements and family sessions. For any questions, you can send me an email or call me on (352) 223-1137. You can visit my website for more details and to see more of my work, check out my Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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