Jhana & Robbie’s Hotel Monaco Wedding

Jhana & Robbie’s Hotel Monaco Wedding

Meeting and photographing new couples is always so much fun! And when my couples go out of their way to make me feel comfortable when I work with them, I feel an immense sense of gratitude and honor to have met and collaborated with such lovely people. Jhana and Robbie are another California couple that stole my heart! They flew me out for their engagement session and went above and beyond to be hospitable to me while I was there. I'm so incredibly blessed to have such great opportunities because of my amazing clients putting their trust in me. When it was time to photograph their wedding at Hotel Monaco, I just knew this was going to be yet another wonderful experience photographing this lovely couple - and that’s exactly how it turned out for me!

Jhana & Robbie’s Story

When I asked my beautiful bride about how she had first met Robbie, this is what she told me, “We went to the same high school, but barely knew each other. After high school, we became friends for 2 years through having other mutual friends. Robbie ended up transferring to Pitt for Junior year, and the rest is history! Literally, history of Jazz, because we have our love thanks to taking that course together. Haha.” Jhana, that is such an adorable and serendipitous story of finding love!

Talking about the proposal, Jhana gushed, “I had just moved to Reno after a long year of long-distance. I thought I was going to dinner with his staff to finally meet everyone. Little did I know (what was coming)! We always knew we wanted to get married but he always wanted the ring and timing to be a surprise - and it truly was! It was at Donner Lake, one of the most beautiful little places - it will always be special to us now.” Proposals are such sweet and heart-touching moments, and when one of the partners is taken by complete surprise - that just steals the show for me! And as a photographer, I’m always looking to capture such priceless moments and even encourage my couples to go in for proposal photography - because that look of surprise on the face of the one you love is truly priceless! And most of us might want to freeze such special moments and relive them time and again.

Hotel Monaco Wedding Photography

On the wedding day, my couple as well as everyone else in attendance was in high spirits! From the getting ready scenes to the amazing reception, I didn’t have a single dull moment. My bride’s wedding gown from Bridal Beginnings was so gorgeous and she looked like a dream in that gorgeous attire - and the photos came out equally stunning. There was no dearth of photo-worthy backgrounds at this wedding. Especially, photographing the two first looks Jhana did for her bridesmaids and then her groom, Robbie, at the rooftop against some breathtaking city views was a delight. Even all those romantic indoor portraits I created of my couple came out stunning. The elegant and luxurious interiors at Hotel Monaco and the equally picturesque views of the outdoors added so much charm to the images. Besides the cityscape, we also had some green patches thrown in while posing my couple outdoors - where I got some great images of my bride and groom with the wedding party.

While Jhana and Robbie had a sweet and simple wedding ceremony, their reception was a blast! From heart-warming speeches to fun activities to dancing to their heart’s content, my couple and their guests celebrated to the fullest! Laughter filled the whole atmosphere, and when the crowd lifted Jhana up in a cheerleading stance in the middle of the dance floor while singing Sweet Caroline, that right there was a super amazing moment! I jumped at the opportunity to capture such a fun scene and got lovely images. Another highlight of the day for me was the audio phonebook my couple had arranged on that classic and antique telephone. I think it was a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding and also ensure that they get to listen to all those sweet messages from their loved ones even years later. Jhana and Robbie, kudos to both of you for the idea!

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Jhana and Robbie, you two are such sweethearts and one of the most amazing couples I’ve ever worked with. Both of you are so kind and took such good care of me while I photographed your big day. Your wedding was gorgeous and your guests were lovely. I enjoyed their company and loved documenting your big day through my images at the exquisite Hotel Monaco. Every corner of this incredible wedding venue spoke of contemporary design and modern elegance. All the other arrangements were also flawless! I want to thank you two for trusting me with your wedding photography and making sure I have loads of fun along the way! I wish you two lots of dinner dates, romantic walks, and immersive concerts together, just the way you like!

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Featured Pensylvannia Vendor Shout-Outs

  1. Florist: Karrie Hlista

  2. Hair: Antinas Salon

  3. Makeup: Janneth Avila