Kaila & Kyle’s Wedding At Irons Mill Farmstead

Kaila & Kyle’s Wedding At Irons Mill Farmstead

A great venue, fun bridal party, and excited guests, there’s a lot that makes a wedding spectacular. But every once in a while, I come across a couple that’s so much in love with each other that it shines through it all. And honestly, even with everything else planned just as perfectly, or not, the couple’s chemistry nails the day. As a wedding photographer, I have been grateful to be a part of such stories and document the couple’s special day. And Kaila and Kyle’s rustic-themed wedding at Irons Mill Farmstead in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, was no different.

Kaila & Kyle’s Story

As a wedding photographer, a part of my job is to get to know the couple better - their story, their love for each other, and their beginnings. And I have to admit - it is one of the things I love most about my work. So on asking Kaila and Kyle about how they got to know each other, Kaila shared that they first met through a mutual friend, and soon enough, sparks flew, and here they were about to be married.

Talking about the proposal, she said, “He (Kyle) made a music video to Granger Smith's ‘Love ain't blind’, which included photos and videos of us. And the video was played at a makeshift drive-in movie theater in my parents’ driveway.” Wow! A personalized music video at a drive-in movie theater - adorability factor seems just off the charts! Good job, Kyle!

Kaila & Kyle’s Irons Mill Farmstead Wedding

Talk about lush greenery and a barn-style ambiance - check and check; Irons Mill Farmstead in New Wilmington, PA, served as a beautiful venue for Kaila & Kyle’s rustic-style farm wedding. And a perfectly sunlit day made it all the more befitting for the couple to say I do in style!

As usual, I started my day by photographing the getting ready moments and some detail photos. Every detail was so thoughtfully planned - the flowers were made out of wood, and the boutonnieres were made out of empty bullet casings. Kaila looked like a dream in her gorgeous wedding dress, and I was there to capture her bridesmaids’ reaction that said it all. The girls were literally in awe and I could see a few happy tears and smiles. When Kaila stood in front of the mirror to buckle her sandals, her reflection, the dress, and all the white in the room - everything looked so dreamy.

Soon enough, Kaila’s mom and dad got a glimpse of her outside, and the look in their eyes and the smiles on their face was a warm moment worth capturing on my camera right there! Now, it was Kyle’s turn to see his soon-to-be bride as he patiently waited at the garden. With greenery all around and hydrangeas in the background, there couldn’t have been a better spot for me to photograph the first look.

After the first look moment, I asked the couple to proceed towards the barn and fields and simply walk, steal glances, and just be themselves, and this was probably the time I enjoyed photographing them the most. They were walking hand-in-hand alongside the fences and in the middle of the barn - and it seemed like a scene straight out of a movie. The wedding ceremony continued with the same gorgeousness, but my favorite part was when two of the couple's friends who were also the "flower men" pulled each other down the aisle, throwing petals and handing out beers. What a fun idea!

As the ecstatic couple made their exit after the ceremony, Kyle tried out a jump shot, and luckily the cameras were ready to capture that. And to top it all, the bride and groom made their grand reception entrance by riding on mini motorcycles! Now that’s called making an entry in STYLE!

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Kaila and Kyle, many congratulations on getting hitched! You two make for an adorable couple. Photographing your special day was no less than a heart-warming experience. Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I had a wonderful time documenting your special moments of celebration! Wishing you both lots of happiness ahead!

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