Maddie & Mark’s Saint Vincent College Basilica Wedding

Imagine your partner proposing to you at a beautiful location. And after you’ve replied to the precious question with a big ‘yes’, you’re both jumping with joy, celebrating, and it’s just then that this venue takes up a special place in both of your hearts. Now, if you also get to exchange your vows at the same location later, it could be such a dreamy and magical thing for the two of you. Having a personal connection with your wedding venue or memories of the beautiful times you’ve spent together at that place can make your big day even more special than it already is. Choosing such a wedding venue not only adds a nostalgic touch to your big day but also gives you a chance to relive all those romantic moments with the love of your life. I witnessed this once again when Maddie and Mark got married at Saint Vincent College Basilica and gave me the opportunity to document their big day. It was a beautiful wedding that I loved photographing and had so much fun with my couple as well as their guests. There was no dearth of interesting backgrounds for photography - both indoors and outdoors - and this helped me create some really awe-inspiring images!

Maddie & Mark’s Story

Before I got to photographing my couple’s wedding at Saint Vincent College Basilica, I asked them about their sweet love story. Knowing my couples better and listening to their amazing stories always help me bring out the essence of their relationship and their strong bond through photos, and that’s why I love to hear it from them. Telling me about the first time she met Mark, my gorgeous bride, Maddie, said, “We went to college together. We knew each other prior to dating. He was a senior and I was a freshman. During my sophomore year and his extra semester, we had astronomy together - and the rest is history!” Awww!!! Maddie, that’s such a cute beginning and a wonderful journey you've had together!

Talking about the proposal, she gushed, “He told me he wanted to go to dinner at a restaurant by Saint Vincent College (where we went) and he wanted to stop at the book store. He proposed in the courtyard at Saint Vincent.” Woah! Maddie, I’m sure it must have been a super romantic and special moment. Mark, kudos to you for all the planning and perfect execution of the proposal.

St. Vincent College Wedding Photography

My couple’s wedding was as wonderful as their love story and as a photographer, I really enjoyed every bit of it. Maddie and Mark were in high spirits throughout, and the guests were having fun. The bridal party was a fun-loving group, and the little flower girl and the ring bearer were the cutest ones ever! The dresses, the accessories, the florals, the cake, and every other wedding detail was thoughtfully designed and implemented to go with the theme. The sentimental details that my bride included in her big day were a bracelet and a handkerchief. After the day had passed, this is what she said to me, “Both of my grandfathers have passed away. I had the bracelet that one of my grandfathers worked home from the hospital pinned to my flowers along with pictures of both of my grandfathers. I also had a handkerchief that was my great-aunt's that I carried with me around my flowers.” Maddie, I think it was such a thoughtful gesture in honor of your loved ones.

From creating solo portraits of my bride and groom to photographing them together and also taking their photos with the guests was a pleasure. The photos that I took of my bride’s first look for her dad turned out to look so beautiful with such organic expressions and raw emotions on display. It turned out that these were also some of the most special memories of my bride from her big day. “There are so many memories that I could write down here (the feedback form) - from taking a shot with my dad and his friends before getting on the shuttle to how adorable my niece and nephew were when walking down the aisle, but I think the number one memory that stands out to me is the first look with my dad when it was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers or my first dance with Mark. For our first dance, I couldn't stop smiling. It didn't feel real. I was finally married to my best friend, and this was a nice moment that was just him and I”, Maddie said.

The bride’s pictures with her pretty bridesmaids and the groom’s with his dapper groomsmen amid jokes and all that laughter were the ones that I really enjoyed creating. The reception images that I took exuded elegance and looked classy. Though I loved photographing it all at this wedding, my personal favorite time of the day was the golden hour!!! We were so cold that we couldn't feel our hands, but that light was so worth it! My couple’s portraits turned out to look ethereal and super romantic! And Maddie truly exuded the charm of a sun-kissed bride!

After the big day had passed, I asked Maddie if there was anything she’d wanted to do differently on her wedding day, and this is what she said, “Being 100% honest, the only thing that I would have done differently that day would have been to make sure that the shuttle was on time and to eat more of the amazing cookies that everyone brought.” Oh yes! Eating more cookies or whatever else you love at your wedding should definitely be on your list, brides!

Sharing a piece of advice for future brides, Maddie said, “Don't get caught up on the small stuff. No matter what, your day is going to be amazing and no one is going to care about the tiny little details that keep you up at night. Also, if something goes wrong, just roll with it because I can guarantee that no one else even realized that it went wrong.” That is so true, Maddie! All the brides-to-be out there, hope you’re making a mental note!

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Maddie and Mark, you guys are amazing, and I love you two a lot. Your wedding was beautiful, and I loved how everyone was super excited despite the chilly weather. I want to thank both of you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and wish you two many more date nights together. May you two go to new restaurants and each pick a meal that you’ve never tried before and then, share it just the way you two love to do. Or, just be chilled-out homebodies and cuddle up and watch movies together late into the night. Lots of happiness your way!

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