Morgan & Zach’s Wedding at The Heinz Chapel

Morgan & Zach’s Wedding at The Heinz Chapel

Imagine exchanging wedding vows inside an imposing chapel steeped in history! High ceilings adding to the depth, intricate wrought-iron work is beautifully interwoven with worn-out wood carvings, and sunlight filtering in through the stained-glass windows. Such settings not only add an ethereal charm to your couple’s special day but also to the wedding images you create. Morgan and Zach chose the Heinz Chapel in Pittsburgh as their wedding venue, and I must say, they’ve got impressive taste! Built in the 1930s in the neo-Gothic style, the chapel is one stellar wedding venue with photo-worthy backdrops both indoors and outdoors. Its Gothic revival architecture is truly captivating and picturesque. This intimate elopement-style wedding took place on a Friday afternoon and had the most relaxed wedding timeline I have ever had!

Heinz Chapel Wedding Photography

My couple, Morgan and Zach, had first met through friends and Zach had proposed to Morgan at the Central Park in front of the John Lennon Memorial as he is a huge Beatles fan. What a lovely way to add a personal touch to your special moments!

Just like Morgan and Zach’s story, their wedding was beautiful too, and the cutest part was my couple’s two sons being the ring bearers. For me, seeing families being built together and celebrating milestones like this is heartwarming. Morgan and Zach’s wedding gave me an opportunity to experience this again, and I loved every bit of it.

Since there was no rush after the ceremony to get to a cocktail hour or reception, we had the luxury of spending more time inside the Heinz Chapel, shooting some creative portraits. And I'm really excited about how they have turned out! Moreover, as I like to play around with off-camera flash, this was a great chance for me to do so! Shout-out to my second shooter Katie, who helped me haul around all my extra gear to get the perfect shots!

There’s so much going on around the couple on the wedding day that they often miss stopping for a moment and admiring the venue they chose so carefully, and this is where images play an important role. So, I ensured that the beauty of the magnificent chapel shines through in the photos and my couple gets to take in the beauty of the venue in its entirety through the images later. I took some wide-angle shots to capture the Heinz Chapel in all its glory, both with the bridal party posing in front of it and without.

After we left the church, we headed over to the CMU columns, which again was a stunning backdrop to photograph my couple against. Morgan and Zach were relaxed and comfortable throughout, which made my job easier and thanks to their easy vibes, we got some incredible images yet again. You can take a look at the lovely wedding photos below!

Kayla Bri Photography for All Your Special Moments!

Morgan and Zach, you guys are such sweethearts! Your wedding was sweet and elegant. The entire time, I felt like I was among friends having fun on their special day. Photographing you two and your guests was a joy, and I want to thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. I wish you two a happy life, lots of live music, and movie nights together!

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