Savannah & Brian's Mystique Pond Farm Wedding

What do you do when you have a special connection with a number? You try to incorporate it wherever and whenever possible or plan your events around it. Isn’t it? That’s what Savannah and Brian did when they got married on 02/22/2022. To my couple, the number 2 is special and has been a symbol of good luck, so their wedding date was significant in that way. They had a gorgeous and sweet intimate elopement at the Mystique Pond Farm - the farm where the couple lived while they were building their dream home, and it turned out to be such a beautiful celebration of love and togetherness. From green pastures as far as the eyes could see and stunningly refreshing views to the lovely rustic vibes all around, we got it all. This wedding was so wonderful in every way, and the backdrops that we got for photography made the whole day even more exciting for me as a photographer. There was something interesting happening throughout, and the fun never stopped. And all of that put together resulted in stellar wedding portraits that I loved creating.

Mystique Pond Farm Wedding Photography

My couple, Savannah and Brian, had first met at Gainesville House of Beer and the proposal took place in Savannah, Georgia. With a city name that matches her own, it had to be my bride’s favorite, naturally! :) And there’s no doubt that Brian loves the place just as much for its name as well as the beautiful memories they’ve created there together. After that sweet proposal, Savannah and Brian’s love story progressed, and their relationship blossomed even more. And here they were at Mystique Pond Farm, celebrating their union in the presence of their close ones.

From photographing the wedding details and taking solo portraits of my bride and groom to creating their gorgeous portraits together, I had so much fun at this wedding. Capturing all the special and organic moments that my couple shared with each other and their guests were such a joy for me. The ceremony site was pretty, and the florals were absolutely stunning. The lighting, the table layout, and the food arrangements were impeccable. The family ate a delicious meal cooked by the bride's brother under the oak trees in the backyard, and that was soooo special!!! I found it to be such a beautiful and thoughtful gesture by Savannah’s brother, which totally showed how much he loved his sister and how much the couple mattered to him. It was something everyone appreciated and cheered about!

Everything at this celebration was aesthetic and planned around the wedding theme, giving the images a cohesive look. I loved capturing every bit of it on my camera. However, some special moments stood out for me. The first one was when the couple brought their furry friends to the wedding, and the other was when I did a sweet little couple photography session for Savannah and Brian, with the sun casting gorgeous hues in the sky. I just loved how the doggos were dressed for my couple’s big day, and the way they posed for the pictures with Savannah and Brian was so impressive! It was something that easily qualified as a cute addition to the couple’s wedding album!

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Savannah and Brian, I love you both, and your wedding was such a beautiful celebration. I loved creating all those photos at the exquisite Mystique Pond Farm and enjoyed the company of your friendly guests. I want to thank both of you for trusting me with your wedding photography and sharing such a fantastic review about us. Here’s how it goes: “Kayla was the first one to respond to my inquiry and was extremely organized and easy to schedule a call with. I ended up speaking to multiple photographers, and I was most impressed with Kayla. I love her work and also liked her ideas as a photographer. For example, I really liked her approach to dealing with nervous/camera-shy people.” Awwww!!! Reviews like these make my day and push me to give my creative best for every project I do. Thanks once again, and I wish you both a happy married life ahead with plenty of date nights where you enjoy a drive-in movie or a nice dinner together, just the way you two like it.

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