Sarah & Jim’s Philadelphia Cricket Club Wedding

Sarah & Jim’s Philadelphia Cricket Club Wedding

Being there for my clients has always been my priority! Plus, working with vendors who share the same beliefs is truly a blessing! And, the best part is when clients come back with all the lovely words for being a part of their wedding story and together bringing to life their wedding vision. This is what I experienced with Sarah and Jim. My charming couple had to move their wedding dates not once but twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic and could finally tie the knot the third time around. These two amazing souls had a gorgeous wedding at The Philadelphia Cricket Club and made the most of their special day! The images turned out stunning, and in the end, the bonus was their kind words for all the vendors. More on that later!

Sarah & Jim’s Story

As a wedding photographer, I love listening to all the sweet love stories. They inspire me to bring out my couple’s bond through the photos. Talking about her little story, my bride, Sarah, said, “We met at a bar in Saratoga, NY! I was home for college in the summer, and he was living there. I didn't think we would date when I went back to school, but we kept in touch and it inevitably happened!” Sarah, that’s a super cute love story right there!

About the proposal, my bride recalled, “(It was) In Paris at the Luxembourg Gardens. A total surprise! He proposed before we moved to Philadelphia for me to start a Physician assistant school. I always thought we would wait until I finished school 2 years later, so I was very surprised!” Jim, what an adorable surprise for Sarah! I’m in awe of your perfect proposal!

The Philadelphia Cricket Club Wedding

Sarah and Jim’s wedding day was beautiful, and their venue, The Philadelphia Cricket Club, was impressive! It provided me with breathtaking views, both indoors and outdoors. The perfectly manicured lawns and flower-laden hedges made for gorgeous backdrops for the images and stunning romantic portraits of my couple. The location exuded elegance, and its historic ballroom with gorgeous architectural details was a delight to photograph my couple and their guests in. Besides all the impeccable arrangements, I also witnessed several heart-warming moments at this wedding. Two of them were the first looks my bride did for her dad and her handsome groom. Both times, the emotions were so raw and beautiful! I immediately captured these amazing moments on my camera. Another sweet moment was when Sarah walked down the aisle and Jim showcased the most adorable emotions. His eyes got all teary as he looked at his radiant bride with love and admiration.

And some of the sentimental details my couple included in their wedding were truly heart-melting! This is what my bride said while describing them later, “We included photo bouquet charms of my loved ones and a photo charm of Jim's Dad that he tucked inside his tux. We had a photo table for our loved ones who were there in spirit (even our family dog who passed away 4 years ago).” Talking about another beautiful tradition, Sarah said, “We did a Celtic knot tying and the sash was made by a very close family friend with pieces of my mom’s veil. We have it in our home and it is still tied in the ‘knot’.”

When Sarah shared her favorite moments from the day, I couldn’t agree more because they were my favorites too! She said, “One moment that stands out was after our first dance, we invited everyone to the floor for a ‘pre-dinner’ dance set of 3-4 songs. It was so exciting and everyone really felt the music. It was a moment where we and our guests were finally able to celebrate our marriage after a 4-year engagement (thanks, COVID!). It felt like pent-up energy being let out on the dance floor, it felt like a giant exhale. I remember really feeling ‘in the moment’ at that time. Couldn't stop smiling.” Sarah and Jim, these moments not only made for sweet memories for everyone present but also incredible images that I loved photographing.

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Sarah & Jim, you two are made for each other, and photographing your special day was an honor for me. Your guests were warm and welcoming and The Philadelphia Cricket Club was an extraordinary venue. I’d love to do more weddings there in the future. I hope you two keep trying out weird, new things at new eateries - exactly the way you like them. Also, enjoy your movie dates and have fun hiking together. I want to thank you two for choosing me to be your wedding photographer and also appreciate your kind words for all the wedding vendors.

Here’s what they went like, “Wedding planning seemed very ‘easy-breezy’ since we gave ourselves three years to plan after getting engaged. It became difficult when COVID-19 hit and we had to reschedule twice. However, looking back, this is what allowed me (Sarah) to experience how flexible, communicative, understanding, and helpful our vendors could be. All of our vendors (bakery, photographers, videographers, florists, venue, DJ, seamstress, transportation, rehearsal dinner) moved with us for three wedding dates! We felt so lucky. This allowed me to get to know our vendors more closely and to see how dedicated they are to their clients and their work. This same ‘stressor’ of moving our wedding allowed me to feel the love, connection, and support with our friends and family, who continued to surprise us, helped to deconstruct and reconstruct plans with us, and continued to hug us throughout the wedding planning.”

Sarah also took out time to share a piece of advice for future brides. She said, “When planning, pick something and GO WITH IT - don't look back. One example is that I had some regrets before the wedding about the bridesmaids’ attire color I chose. We had dusty blue, and I was wishing I went with something more neutral. But the photos came out amazing and my best pals were my ‘something blue’. I have no regrets now, and fretted over nothing.” Thank you so much for the nugget of wisdom, Sarah. I appreciate your words and am totally with you on this one. I am sure the experience you shared will help future couples navigate similar situations and plan their dream wedding.