Shaina & Tim's Wedding At The Omni William Penn Hotel

Capturing my beautiful couples’ sweet and special moments on my camera and helping them create memories that they can cherish forever is something that I absolutely love and am always excited about. The cherry on top is when I get gorgeous venues to photograph my couples and their loved ones in. When Shaina and Tim provided me with not one but two breathtaking venues for their wedding, I was just jumping with joy. St. Paul's Cathedral, where the ceremony took place, and the Omni William Penn Hotel, where the reception was held, were both awe-inspiring. I loved creating wedding portraits against those stellar and unique backdrops. The venues exuded sheer elegance and were classy to the core. As a photographer, the gorgeous lighting - both indoors and outdoors - delighted me the most and helped me create images that brought out the essence of my amazing couple’s love story, their big day, and their strong bond. What a beautiful day it was, and the fun I had was unmatched.

The Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Photography

My couple, Shaina and Tim, are super sweet! They had first met at grad school and Tim made the proposal during a family vacation at Myrtle beach. The entire year leading up to the wedding, the couple had been living in Germany, so it was quite a feat planning everything, and they did it flawlessly! Also, Meg, the wedding planner, was incredible and such a huge help in making the day go smoothly.

On the wedding day, we kept dodging the weather throughout and were able to sneak out and get some great portraits in the rain. Sometimes clouds make for more vibrant colors, and we definitely got lucky that day. Besides these wonderful images, I had fun photographing my couple as they got ready separately for their special day. I took photos of the wedding details at this point in time and later, during the reception.

Everything at this wedding looked so perfect and graceful - just like my couple. Be it the shots composed against the intricately designed ceilings at both the venues, the stairs, glittering chandeliers, the beautiful balcony, or the massive white pillars outdoors, I had so many fascinating elements to add to my images. The imposing red door added an amazing pop of color to the images and the photos that I took of my couple against it turned out to look absolutely dreamy! In fact, there was no dearth of interesting backdrops and aesthetically designed details. From the bridesmaids’ dresses and the florals to the table arrangements, everything was synchronized as per the wedding theme, giving the images a cohesive look and making them visually appealing.

When it came to the flow of emotions, I can say Shaina and Tim’s wedding had that in abundance. There were moments of laughter and tears of joy that I witnessed, but one thing that was constant throughout was my couple’s bright smile. It just made the whole celebration so lively and kept everyone’s spirits high. Out of all the stunning images that I created at this wedding, the ones that really stood out for me were from Shaina and Tim's first dance in the grand ballroom. It was so romantic! And the lift and spin were just epic! I immediately captured this magical moment on my camera and got incredible images as a result.

Kayla Bri Photography For All Your Special Moments

Shaina and Tim, I love you two! Your wedding was beautiful and photographing it was an honor. Your guests were so warm and welcoming and I loved being in their company. Thank you for including me in your special moments and giving me a chance to capture them into images for you and your loved ones. Also, I want to give a shout-out to the wedding planner, Meg from Yinz Getting Married. She did a fantastic job coordinating everything. Shaina and Tim, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness filled with those amazing nights of fine dining and drinks - just the way you like it.

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