Dena & Garret's Wedding At The Pittsburgh Field Club

No matter how many couples I've already met and how many love stories I've heard, I still get excited each time there's an opportunity to connect with a new couple and listen to their sweet story. So, I was super excited when I got the chance to interact with and learn more about Dena and Garret. It was as if I had known my couple for years! Also, photographing their wedding at the incredible Pittsburgh Field Club was such a unique experience. My associate, Katie, who shot this wedding, did such a great job, and I loved how she brought out the essence of Dena and Garret's story through the wedding photos. Luxurious, elegant, and classy, this is what my couple's wedding at the Pittsburgh Field Club was all about. From the impressively designed indoors to the lush green outdoors, this venue had it all, and the natural lighting was superb for photography. It was a beautiful day spent with a wonderful couple and their lovely guests at one of the most amazing wedding venues in Pittsburgh.

Dena & Garret's Story

My couple had first met through a mutual friend, and from there, their story began. One night, after their dinner at Hyde Park on the North Shore, Garret proposed to Dena. Recalling that precious memory, Dena told me, "Once dinner ended, Garret surprised me at the table with a small present he was hiding. The gift was a lock and key set to be locked over on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. After walking over, locking it on, and throwing away the keys, Garret pulled out another small gift and asked me to turn around so he could place it on me. This gift was a necklace with an "R" pendant. By the time I turned around to thank Garret for the gift, he was down on his knee, asking me to marry him!" Writing about it actually takes me back to how genuinely happy I felt when Dena told me this story. This feeling never gets old. I will always love seeing that sparkle in my couple's eyes when they tell me about their journey.

Pittsburgh Field Club Wedding Photography

From photographing Dena and Garret's getting ready moments to taking the detail shots, being a part of their wedding was a wonderful experience. The radiant bride's portraits with her pretty bridesmaids were some of the best shots from the day. I especially loved the confetti photo. Taking pictures of the dapper groom's accessories, getting him to pose for his solo portraits, and the group photos with his sharp and handsome groomsmen was equally fun. Together, the bridal party was a super fun gang, and Katie took some fantastic photographs of everyone together. The photograph of the bride and groom kissing while the group behind them cheered crazily is the kind of energy they had throughout the wedding day.

The Pittsburgh Field Club had picturesque backgrounds to offer both indoors and outdoors. The verdant greenery, refreshing vibes, and my smiling couple made creating those romantic indoor and portraits outdoors such a pleasure. One of the highlights of this day was that my bride's mom's side of the family had passed along a sixpence that each woman in the family had worn on their wedding day. Dena wore it too! Also, the handkerchief she carried down the aisle with her was actually her baptism bonnet from when she was a baby. She told me, "It was exciting to be able to pull it out and use it after holding onto it all these years!" Such a beautiful way to add family traditions and a personal touch, and of course, a sense of nostalgia to your wedding.

When I asked Dena about her favorite memory of the day, she answered, "It was right before taking my first steps down the aisle. I loved looking out at all of our friends and family, who were looking right back at me with big smiles. We felt so much love all around us! Walking down the aisle was the first time Garret and I saw each other on the wedding day. It was such a special moment to see his reaction upon seeing me." "The day was absolutely perfect. We wouldn't change a thing!" she added. And, I can't agree more! It was perfect indeed!

My bride also had some top-notch advice for all the brides-to-be. "Trust in yourself and your vision! You know what you like best, don't let anyone sway your opinions! It will all come together perfectly in the end!" she said. Coming straight from the bride who's been there and done that, I'm sure many brides can benefit from this advice.

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Dena and Garret, you two are made for each other, and I adore both of you. Thank you once again for allowing me to play my little role in your big day, and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness along with many more dinner dates where you stop by somewhere for dessert on the way home. Cheers!

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