Clara & Trenton’s Wedding At Irons Mill Farmstead

From hiking to sitting together on a couch, from playing video games to going bungee jumping, different couples enjoy different activities together. And I think these little things add a unique flavor to their relationship and how they bond with each other. For Clara and Trenton, favorite date night activities include long walks, watching a show or movie together, playing board games, making dinner, or baking together. These are the things that bring them closer, make them enjoy each other’s company, and also help them get more comfortable around each other. And that’s the comfort I witnessed between them when I photographed their gorgeous wedding at the Irons Mill Farmstead. It was a lovely day, and the fun I had creating all those wonderful portraits of my couple and their guests was unmatched. There was so much love, support, and positive vibes around this wedding that capturing the happiness on everybody’s faces seemed like such an easy task! The backdrops were pretty, and the lighting was gorgeous too - both indoors and outdoors. Oh! What a great time I had, and may I add that I was mighty pleased with the results - strikingly romantic wedding photos!

Clara & Trenton’s Story

This lovely couple has an equally sweet love story. And I always make it a point to get to know the amazing journeys all my couples have had together. Why? Because it helps me understand them better, learn about their likes and dislikes, and get an idea about their wedding vision. These little bits of information help me build their story through my photos and also highlight their personalities in their wedding images. So, when I asked Clara about their first meeting, this is what she had to say, “We met as friends and co-teacher’s aides in the fall of 2016 at Geneva College when we got paired up to teach the freshman level engineering introduction. It was not until we both had graduated and re-met in the summer of 2019 at several Pirates games with our many mutual friends that we started to pursue a more romantic kind of friendship. In the fall of 2019, we decided to make it official.” Woah! Clara and Trenton, from being teaching aides to becoming friends to turning into lovebirds, what a beautiful journey you two have had! And I hope your relationship witnesses many more happy milestones!

When asked about the proposal, Clara said, “Trent proposed to me when I went to visit him on a somewhat spontaneously planned trip to Utah. At the time, I knew we would likely be engaged soon, but he had been so cool, calm, and collected the whole time leading up to and during the time while I was out visiting him that I truly did not believe he was planning to propose to me that weekend - but to my surprise, he did! We went on a hike at Bear Lake (only 45 mins from where we live now), and at the most beautiful overlook, as I thought we were just going to take a picture with the scenery like we always do on a hike, he actually started a video, kneeled beside me, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Clara, I love you, will you marry me?’ It was perfect!” Clara and Trenton, your story does sound “perfect” to me!!!

Irons Mill Farmstead Wedding Photography

For the wedding at the gorgeous Irons Mill Farmstead, Clara wore her mother's veil, which her sister had also worn the same year just a few months earlier for her wedding. Also, my bride’s dress had been altered by her mother-in-law to fit Clara well. “My mother-in-law completely altered my dress from a size 14 to a size 8 to fit me perfectly and keep the integrity of the dress the same. She did an amazing job!” Clara chirped happily. My bride looked so beautiful and radiant in her wedding dress, and the solo portraits that I took of her outdoors against towering trees turned out to look fantastic. Trenton was also sharp and dapper in his suit and complemented his bride perfectly. From taking my couple’s ceremony photos to photographing their romantic portraits outdoors to creating group pictures, I had lots of fun throughout.

There were so many beautiful moments at this wedding, but the one that stood out for me was when the bride and groom prayed back-to-back before the ceremony. Worship during the ceremony with communion for just the two of them as the "unity" or the "first steps" taken as a married couple were some of the most heartwarming moments I witnessed. Some of my other favorite moments from the day were Clara’s first look for her father, the fun and laughter that my couple shared with the bridal party, their sparkler exit, and also the dreamy portraits that I got to create of them amid the lush greenery and the glorious golden hues of the sun.

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Clara and Trenton, you two are so adorable, and your wedding was beautiful. The venue you guys chose, the Irons Mill Farmstead, added so much charm to your special day and allowed me to create some stellar wedding pictures. Everything else, from decorations and florals to table arrangements, was so well-planned and perfectly executed. I loved every bit of your big day and enjoyed the company of your warm and welcoming guests. I want to thank the two of you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding and wish you both many lovely long walks, movies, and games together, just the way you two like it. Lots of happiness your way! Cheers!!!

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