Olivia & Mike's Wedding At Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Planned well, weddings can be a sweet celebration of togetherness. And Olivia & Mike's wedding was a stellar example of this! Not only did the couple put in the efforts to meticulously plan every little detail as they had envisioned, but they also brought their vision to life with perfection! In conversation with the couple, in retrospect, they also shared with me adorable little moments about their relationship and gave a sneak peek into their journey!

Olivia & Mike's Story

Olivia & Mike's story is a classic example of love at first “site,” more like love at first dating site! The couple first met online at a dating and social networking website called Coffee Meets Bagel. Olivia said that sparks started flying a few days into the interaction! Soon enough, the couple met for what would be their first of many future dates! Mike shared, “We just love hanging out in Lake Nona.” It is one of their favorite places to go to for a chill date scene. No wonder it also turned out to be their wedding venue! And on one such date, while the couple was on a vacation in Traverse City, Michigan, Mike bent on one knee and asked THE question that had been brewing in his mind for quite some time. Olivia’s reaction? She shared that she was both surprised and ecstatic at the same time.

Olivia & Mike's Wedding At Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Like I said before, Lake Nona holds a special place in this beautiful couple’s hearts. And so they wanted their wedding venue to be somewhere close to it and, therefore, chose Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. The club is a great choice for anyone looking to get married amid a breathtaking view. From lush gardens to breezy verandas matched with an awe-inspiring lakeside view, the location opens its doors to not only stellar backdrops but also a one-of-a-kind experience. And as a photographer, I can always vouch that a water-side view is a plus!

There are many layers of planning that go into making a picture-perfect wedding! And Olivia & Mike's wedding had all of it curated and put together gorgeously. Even though many couples might fret at the mention of wedding planning, this couple was determined to pull off the wedding of their dreams. They shared that the favorite part of the planning process was deciding on the creative design aspect, especially floral arrangements. And the images sure tell that their hard work paid off!

One of my associates, Suzanne from Lillie Shawn Photography, was the main photographer for this event. She absolutely killed it capturing every detail from the stunning venue, to the love this sweet couple shared, to the fantastic party the guests enjoyed all evening!

Looking back at the day, I asked Olivia to reflect on some of her fondest memories of her big day. And here’s what she shared - “I loved the first look with my dad and the first look with my husband. It was just so heartwarming! ...Having our dog Princess there during our first look made it all the more special to me. It was at that moment when it first hit me that, now, the three of us were officially the family that I’ve always imagined.”

My bride even had a word of advice for all future brides: “Ask for help and support when you need it.” Reflecting upon how their relationship changed for the better since becoming husband and wife, the newlywed couple shared, “You have to have a lot of empathy and compassion for each other in a marriage, and it has ultimately made our relationship stronger.” If a marriage is anything, it is a constant flow of empathy and compassion, 100%, I completely agree!

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It was an absolute pleasure to document your wedding day, Olivia & Mike! Thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I hope you loved how the photographs turned out to be! My heartiest congratulations on this new chapter of your life and best wishes for your journey ahead! And a special shout-out to my amazing associate photographer Suzanne from Lillie Shawn Photography.

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  • Associate photographer: Suzanne from Lillie Shawn Photography